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Planned Projects

This is a list of all planned projects for senior project/masters thesis/fun projects/pie-in-the-sky.

Status: Ongoing

Stereo Microscope Setup

Some info on my non-standard stereo microscope setup for electronics work.

Status: Ongoing

Ryobi 40V Charger Reverse Engineering

Some info on how a Ryobi 40V charger communicates with the battery to enable charging.

Status: Complete

Current/Voltage Sense Module

This is a 2-channel current + voltage 4-wire sense module for recording low to medium voltage/currents at 16-bit resolution.

Status: Complete

CH340 Based USB to Serial Adapter Board

This is a USB to serial adapter board with seperately selectable power and IO voltages, supporting 500mA output current for power (with PTC protection on USB side and power output side), input/output buffered and protected.

Status: Complete

Solar Battery Charger

This is a solar charger for supplying power to mobile devices via USB port.

Status: Complete

Roborodentia 2011

This is a project to create a fully autonomous robot capable of collecting and scoring ping pong balls into an opponent's net.

Status: Complete

Quadrifilar Helix

This is a project to create a UHF quadrifilar helix (QFH) antenna for use as an APRS transmit antenna for the high altitude balloon project.

Status: Complete


This is a project to create an APRS tracking beacon to transmit GPS coordinates and other data via radio.

Status: In Progress

rev0Trac UTx

This is a project to create an APRS all-in-one UHF transceiver, building on the capability of the rev0Trac VTx.

Status: In Progress

Breakout Boards and Misc. Projects

This is a list of small projects such as breakout boards for various chips that have been made.

Status: Ongoing

EE 306 Sustainability Analysis

This is the sustainability analysis project for EE 306 -- Semiconductor Device Electronics, for Fall 2010.

Status: Complete

EE 460 Reverse Engineering

This is the reverse engineering team project for EE 460 -- Senior Project Preparation, for Fall 2011.

Status: Complete

Puxing PX-2R Teardown

This is a full teardown and disassembly of the Puxing PX-2R 70cm Handheld Transceiver, including pictures of the main PCB and parts list.

Status: In Progress

Dorji DRA808M Teardown

This is a teardown and analysis of the Dorji DRA808M 1W 400-470 MHz FM radio module.

Status: In Progress

IEEE Student Branch - High Altitude Balloon Project

This is a project to send a helium weather balloon into near-space (80,000-100,000 feet) and report back various sensor measurements, including pressure, temperature, GPS coordinates, altitude, and others, in real time.

Status: In Progress

IEEE Student Branch - Laser Projector Project

This is a project to build a monochrome, 640x480, 30 fps laser projector that will interface with a computer and display images and video in real time.

Status: In Progress


This is a project to build a 24-bit color laser projector that can interface to a computer to display video or pictures in real time.

Status: On hold until green diode source is obtained


This is a 1 amp, 3 mode constant current laser boost driver, featuring a user-selectable software interlock and battery indicator.

Status: Abandoned

445nm 1W Laser

This is a 1 watt 445nm laser in a stainless steel 18650 host.

Status: Complete

GC-D 100

This is a project to build a fully functional digital Geiger counter.

Status: Complete


This is a bot for the Cal Poly Robotics Club inter-club competition for 2010.

Status: Complete

Laser Drivers

This is a list of several common laser driver types.

Status: Under Construction


This is a list of all lasers currently owned or being created.

Status: Ongoing


This is a description of my FPV tricopter and associated equipment.

Status: Ongoing


This is an overview of my experience and capabilities with CNC milling.

Status: Ongoing


This is an overview of my adventure in Xray photography.

Status: Ongoing

Spectrum Analyzer

This is an overview of the various modules and end result of a homemade 30MHz-2.5GHz spectrum analyzer.

Status: Ongoing

3D Printing

This is an overview of my adventures in 3D printing.

Status: Ongoing